Local Attractions




Was founded and build during the communist time in the year 1957. The town is called after the National Hero Bajram Curri that fought in the area of Tropoja. In Bajram Curri you can see the special architecture of the old museum or take a 10 minute drive to the village of Bujan and visit the Tower of Mic Sokoli, a typical North Albanian tower/house.

VAlbona National Park

Valbona Valley is one of the most beautful places in Albania and a big touristic attraction with a length of 27 km. It is rich on flora and fauna and it’s a perfect place to go hiking. There are different routes from easy like having a nice walk to the challenging ones like passing the Valbona Pass to Theth or climbing Mt. Jezereca.

Fierza & Koman Lake

If you have time take a trip with the ferry on the Koman Lake and enjoy what is  considered by Bradt Guides as “One of the world’s great boat trips”. The lake was create during the ’70 from the power plant of Koman and Fierza. Many compare the surrounding mountains with the Norwegian fjords.

Albanian alpine Pastures

If you are more the active type and want long walks then the Alpine Pastures are your next destination from our hotel. Hike for around 6-7 hrs on the so called “Peaks of the Balkan” trail, or use and offroad 4×4 vehicle and make driving an adventure in the mountains.

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